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We’re a happy team, a family determined to contaminate the working world with good vibes and positive energy. With this objective in mind along with a passion for people, WorkFam was created. When you feel a sense of belonging and you find your purpose, work becomes a pleasure. It creates a space where we can laugh, learn and explore.Life is too short to feel unhappy at work. You should feel alive at your 9 to 5!


We’re all about relationship building, wellbeing and happiness. Couple that with trust and you can accelerate business performance by up to 3X. Its time to focus on your people.


Cultivate social connections by creating an environment that embraces the unique identity of your employees


Whether you're a fitness freak, a foodie, or an adrenaline junkie - our algorithm will bring like-minded employees together to enjoy discounted services with our exclusive partners


A connected workforce is more likely to enjoy increased collaboration, productivity and engagement

Happy UAE

In line with the vision of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed and Her Excellency Ohood Al Roumi, we seek to innovate towards a healthier and happier UAE

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