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Perks & Benefits

Unlock Workfam's wide range of corporate wellness discounts

Pursue your passions, take risks and discover hidden talents with your colleagues

It’s all about wellness

Its not secret that if you’re healthy, you’re happy and if you are happy and you know if, clap your hands.

  • Browse through a consolidate list of discounted corporate wellness experiences
  • Select a date and time to submit a booking request or simply join an existing experience
  • Confirm your group reservation by hitting the minimum number of people required before the confirmation deadline

Invite like-minded colleagues

Connect with like-minded colleagues and transform your Workforce into your Workfam

  • Invite your colleagues from across the organization
  • Our unique algorithm has put together a list of colleagues we think you should invite
  • View upcoming wellness experiences through our calendar feature. Check out who’s going and join.

Vibe with your Tribe

You’d be surprised at how many of your colleagues share similar interests. Our tribe feature puts you all into a group and encourages healthy internal competition

  • Earn badges and workpoints by participating in a variety of different wellness initiatives to lead your tribe.
  • Chat with your tribe to organize future wellness experiences or to simply chat shizzle
  • Enable and encourage your employees to pursue their passions, discover hidden talents and connect with link minded colleaguesBrowse through your tribes’ members and view their profiles to connect or reward

This is me

Your profile lets your colleagues know a little bit more about you as an individual. List your interests, select your favorite quote and upload a fresh photo.

  • Check out your workpoints and badge status
  • Redeem these workpoints for yourself, or reward your colleagues
  • Browse through your Work-Web to view colleagues that your expected to work with

What Next?

Let your HR manager know about Workfam. Unlock a wide range of wellness discounts, expand your internal network and start living a healthier more active life.


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Connect with like-minded colleagues and transform your Workforce into your Workfam

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