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Employee Benefits

The benefits your employees are looking for

Acting as an extended arm of your HR department, Workfam sources the most attractive corporate wellness discounts, partnering up with many of the GCC’s leading brands in the Health and Wellness, Sports, Adventure, Kids Entertainment, and Knowledge and Skills.

Physical Wellbeing

Exercise choices catered for your diverse workforce

Encourage and enable your employees to pursue a healthy and active lifestyle

Mental Wellbeing

Giving your employees the options they need to improve their mental health

When you pursue your passions and explore your interests, you will gain complete control over your mental wellbeing.

Online Wellness Programs

Online conference calls and meetings just don't cut it, Virtual Wellness Programs do.

We often underestimate the value of a casual, non-work related chit chat.

  • Our valued partners are committed to providing your employees with unique and tailored online wellness experiences
  • Give your employees the opportunity to boost their mental health and strengthen their physical wellbeing.

  • From boot-camps to Meditation to Workshops on "Embracing Reality", give your employees the opportunity to establish trust & build connections with their colleagues

Our valued partners are committed to providing your employees with unique and tailored discounted experiences.

Volunteer Work

Health & Wellness

Learning & Development


Art & Culture


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