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Pulse Survey

Gain valuable, insightful and actionable feedback from your Employees

Why distribute lengthily employee engagement surveys annually when you can push frequent pulse surveys.

Employee Experience

Modernize your ways

Traditional engagement surveys typically produce stale and outdated information

  • Make informed, data driven decisions based on your company’s current pain points
  • Choose from a database of employee engagement topics covers all 12 of Gallup’s Employee Engagement Elements
  • If you’re looking to customize, we’ve got you covered


Dive deep into your data

Automate the process and push scheduled pulse surveys, collecting valuable data with minimal effort.

  • Gather, process and analyze qualitative and quantitative data through natural language processing.
  • Understand the positive and negative trending words to measure, manage and act
  • Understand the mood of your team or company

Ready to Vibe?

Whether your looking to use the Workfam solution or integrate our services into your existing engagement app, our team is here to support. Let’s get started.

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