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HR Software

Holistic Employee Engagement Platform

Whether your company is looking to use the Workfam application or integrate our services into your existing engagement solution, our team is here to support

Workfam Platform

Make informed data-driven decisions by gathering, processing, and analyzing the information collected from your employees. Workfam's dashboard measures and improves employee experience through the automated distribution of custom pulse surveys. Workfam’s Social Calendar enables you to celebrate contract renewals, promotions, or work anniversary, sending push notifications to a selected audience.

Integration Options


Our integration specialists will spend some time with your team to understand your business requirements and security policies

  • Whether you’re using Microsoft, Google or Oracle for your employee directory, we guarantee a smooth, secure and seamless integration
  • Workfam can integrate our services through API, SDK or Web-view integration approaches
  • Already using Microsoft Teams? Workfams plugin will allow your employees to tap into our services directly.

Customizable HR Tech


The Workfam Team understand the importance of your companies branding and marketing guidelines

  • We work alongside your team of internal specialists to ensure brand continuity across the user experience
  • Give your Workfam solution a new corporate skin by adjusting the font, button ratios, color swatch, company logo, etc
  • By the time your done customizing, it will feel as though the solution was built in house

Ready to Vibe?

Whether your looking to use the Workfam solution or integrate our services into your existing engagement app, our team is here to support. Let’s get started.

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