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10 Easy Employee Engagement Ideas

Having a good Employee Engagement strategy in place is an excellent way to increase employees' productivity, commitment, retention, and loyalty. Workfam software supports companies with an all-in-one solution that helps keep their employees engaged regardless of distance.

There has been an increasing concern for employee retention, especially as Gen Z begins to fill up the workforce, there has been a rising concern of how to retain them. Many employees in today's world quickly get disengaged from work due to many factors like bad work culture, improper onboarding process, etc.

In today's blog post, we will be sharing some of our best employee engagement strategies that will help increase employee engagement, retention and reduce employee turnover and absenteeism.

  • Investing in an Employee Engagement Software

    The world is moving digital, and almost anything and process can be done digitally now, our SAAS software enables your employees to connect with each other by matching employees together based on similar interests and allowing them to go out together with employees from different departments helping your company to break work silos. Aside from this, our SAAS software has five key features that can help your company increase Employee Engagement; Employee Benefits, Employee wellbeing, Reward & Recognition, Internal Communication, Pulse Survey & Employee Onboarding.

  • Engage in more Fun Activities

    Engaging in fun team activities together can help create a fun and loving culture and increase trust, collaboration, understanding, and unity among your employees. Pick a day, maybe a Friday during break and do something fun together, play sports together or bowling or paintballing. Fun activities help increase the bond within your team, which will eventually increase employee retention and reduce absenteeism.

    Some ideas you can engage your team at work.

    • Trivia Night
    • Team Challenges
    • Fantasy Football
    • Board Games
    • Sports Activities
    • Team Picnic
    • Escape Rooms
    • Visit a local tourist site
    • Karaoke
  • Develop an engaging onboarding experience

    One major reason most people feel disengaged or overwhelmed at work is a bad onboarding experience. The onboarding process starts from the very moment a potential employee sees your job ad online down to when they begin their first day, they can already start to have perceptions about what to expect and the work culture at your company. HR Managers and Department leaders should make sure new employees feel welcomed, give them all the necessary resources they need to kickstart their job, let them understand their targets and expectations clearly, and ensure that they are introduced to the other team members and understand the dynamics of their roles.

  • Recognize, Reward, and Celebrate your Employees

    Take time to recognize and celebrate your employees for good work and milestone accomplishments. You can reward them through various ways like acknowledging them publicly, giving them a gift, or using a software like Workfam to reward them points that they can later use to redeem for tangible rewards at your rewards marketplace. Building a stronger corporate culture that celebrates achievements helps to make your employees feel appreciated.

    Through Workfam's software, we give HR managers a tool to customize and gamify the experience

    • Create interest groups called tribes. Joining a tribe is easy, the goal is to lead it. Some of our standard tribes include; Sports Lunatics, Fitness Freaks, Adrenaline Junkies, Creative Creatures, Family Feens & Go Getters.
    • Adjusted parameters for Tribe allocation, receiving Badges and earning Workpoints.
    • Your employees can redeem these Workpoints to reward themselves or reward a colleague because they lead by example, offered support and guidance, or went the extra mile.
  • Company TEDx Talks

    An enjoyable and entertaining team building activity you can engage your employees in is having a gathering like TEDx where different employees can share knowledge, ideas, and brainstorm together. Allow your employees to express their ideas, creativity, and knowledge freely. The TEDx talk could include an opportunity for employees to showcase their talents; singing, dancing, drawing, acting, etc. You will be surprised just how much talent you have at your company. When employees feel like their company genuinely cares about them, they give in their very best to ensure the development and growth of the company.

  • Provide Perks and Benefits that boost Mental and Physical Wellbeing

    Post-COVID, the topic of Mental and Physical health has been a rising concern, we are still yet to fully understand the impact COVID might have had on our employees. Your company can't function without your employees, so you need to make sure they are well taken care of, and all their needs are met. Providing your employees with perks that can help them improve their mental and physical wellbeing goes a long way to show that you care about them.

    Through Workfam's software

    • Our valued partners are committed to providing your employees with unique and tailored online wellness experiences across a wide range of categories like adventure, knowledge & skills, fitness, sports activities, etc.
    • Give your employees the opportunity to boost their mental health and strengthen their physical wellbeing.
    • From boot camps to Meditation to Workshops on "Embracing Reality," give your employees the opportunity to establish trust & build connections with their colleagues.
  • Cultural Food Day

    Have a day in the week or month where one employee prepares a cultural dish to share among colleagues, and you can get creative with it and even make it a competition for the best cook of the week or month. This is an excellent opportunity for your employees to bond together. In case when an employee can't cook, the employee can look for a local eatery and order for the whole team.

    Have a day in the week or month where one employee prepares a cultural dish to share among colleagues, and you can get creative with it and even make it a competition for the best cook of the week or month. This is an excellent opportunity for your employees to bond together. In case when an employee can't cook, the employee can look for a local eatery and order for the whole team.

  • Make their voices heard

    Conduct more very open-minded surveys for your employees. Build a culture where employees are welcome to share their honest feedback on company culture and practices. Pulse surveys are an excellent way to actively engage with your employees and get to understand their pain points. Having a strong culture that supports Employee Voice will give your employees the freedom to express their ideas and concerns.

  • Encourage Social Interaction

    Encourage cross communication across different departments, this will help break work silos and increase team collaboration and bonding. You can host monthly events and activities where every member of the department meets to discuss or engage in activities that will get them to connect. Having a work environment like this improves work mentality, productivity, and innovation.

  • Provide Coaching and Employee Training

    Offering courses and training to your employees will increase performance and productivity. This will lead to them understanding their roles better. This will ensure that your company's workforce is up to date among your competitors and industry.

    We hope that these ideas give you some inspiration and guidance on increasing Employee Engagement at your company. You can also contact us for a demo on how Workfam's software can help you increase Employee Engagement here

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