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From Workforce to Workfam

We help organizations remain competitive by optimizing their employee relations and workplace happiness.

Employee Experience

Why distribute lengthily employee engagement surveys annually when you can push frequent pulse surveys.

Modernize your ways

Traditional engagement surveys typically produce stale and outdated information

  • Make informed, data driven decisions based on your company’s current pain points
  • Choose from a database of employee engagement topics covers all 12 of Gallup’s Employee Engagement Elements
  • If you’re looking to customize, we’ve got you covered

Dive deep into your data

Automate the process and push scheduled pulse surveys, collecting valuable data with minimal effort.

  • Gather, process and analyze qualitative and quantitative data through natural language processing.
  • Understand the positive and negative trending words to measure, manage and act
  • Understand the mood of your team or company

Company Connections

With little to no HR intervention, our platform will help your company break work silos and drive cross segment collaboration.

Diversity makes us stronger

Connections will form organically; your employees just need a tool to make it happen

  • Gain insight into the personality traits and interests behind each of your employees
  • Cultivating an environment that embraces the unique identities of your workforce
  • Enable and encourage your employees to pursue their passions, discover hidden talents and connect with link minded colleagues

Break those work silos

Unite your organization by connecting employees based on mutual interests

  • Track the amount of money your employees have saved
  • Consolidate and download photos taken by your employees during wellness experiences
  • Visualize cross departmental company connections via heat map

Memorable Moments

Attract, retain and engage top talent by fostering workplace happiness, establishing a strong sense of belonging and recognizing that your people are your most important asset.

Its all about the Micro-Moments

Whether it’s a birthday, a big win, a promotion or a new hire; easily push announcements to recognize, remember, rejoice and reminisce the moments that matter

  • Appreciate and acknowledge micro-moments in a few clicks
  • Easily create and promote internal events and track attendance
  • Achieve a highly motivated workforce.


Share best practices, smoothen the on boarding process and strengthen relationships between employees

Improve your Organizational chart

Organizational charts often don’t illustrate the complexity of one’s role, nor who your employees are expected to work with for them to be successful. Our Work-Web does.

  • Upload and modify their existing organization chart, creating links between colleagues where there were none before
  • These newly created links will automatically be fed into Workfams algorithm
  • When your employees invite other colleagues to wellness experiences, we suggest that they invite colleagues that are part of their Work-web

Reward & Recognize

Recognize and incentivize participation in health-conscious efforts by rewarding your employees with badges and workpoints

Make it fun

Our reward and recognition features give HR a tool to customize and gamify the experience.

  • Adjusted parameters for Tribe allocation, receiving Badges and earning Workpoints.
  • Create interest groups called tribes. Joining a tribe is easy, the goal is to lead it. Some of our standard tribes include; Sports Lunatics, Fitness Freaks, Adrenaline Junkies, Creative Creatures, Family Feens & Go Getters.
  • Your employees can redeem these workpoints to reward themselves or reward a colleague because they lead by example, offered support and guidance or went the extra mile.

Ready to Vibe?

Whether your looking to use the Workfam solution or integrate our services into your existing engagement app, our team is here to support. Let’s get started.

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