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Employee Engagement Solution

An HR Platform that supports companies with their vision to create a happy, healthy and highly engaged Workforce, as we like to call it; Workfam

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Workfam’s enterprise SaaS solution encourages your talent to pursue and share their passions, take risks, and discover hidden talents. Whether you are a fitness freak, a creative creature or an adrenaline junkie – Workfam's unique algorithm will match like-minded colleagues to their partners’ discounted services. Through the platform, you can encourage healthy internal competition using the Wellness Leader Board. Distribute work-points, recognize with badges, and allow your employees to redeem their work-points for rewards.


Workfam encourages your employees to pursue their passions, take risks and discover hidden talents.

We’ve partnered up with wellness providers that offer unique team building experiences, helping your organization establish a solid corporate culture.

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Workfams database of corporate discounts helps your employees save money whilst indulging in their pleasures.

Our wide range of benefits covers the adrenaline junkies, fitness freaks and go getters with benefits as wild as skydiving and as educational as public speaking classes.

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Workfams gamified solution builds healthy internal competition across the entire organization.

Employees can earn workpoints, join a tribe and reward or redeem their workpoints for wellness experiences.

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Whether a birthday, large customer win or work anniversary, Workfams enables business leaders to show their team that they truly care.

Recognizing the micro-moments will help your organization achieve a motivated workforce.

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Why wait for head quarters to analyze your subsidiaries engagement surveys when you can get frequent, real time information.

Our employee experience tool allows business leaders to customize, simplify and target pulse surveys, generating actionable and insightful data.

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Cultivate social connections by creating an environment that embraces the unique identity of your employees


Whether you're a fitness freak, a foodie, or an adrenaline junkie - our algorithm will bring like-minded employees together to enjoy discounted services with our exclusive partners


A connected workforce is more likely to enjoy increased collaboration, productivity and engagement

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Whether your looking to use the Workfam solution or integrate our services into your existing engagement app, our team is here to support. Let’s get started.

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